About Us

Hi! We are Crystal & Joshua, the proud owners of Flour Child.

 Flour Child is a Texas-based bakery that is reinventing what biscotti should be! 

Headshots of Crystal and Joshua Foley from Flour Child Baked Goods

After years of pursuing other careers, Crystal decided to put her training from The School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire, England to use by creating what she could not find in any coffee shop: phenomenal biscotti.

And after years of marriage to Crystal, Joshua knew there was no stopping her! We decided we wanted to do something together that was meaningful to us and that we could share with others.

 And so, Flour Child was born… 


There is something magical about pulling a tray of perfectly baked cookies from the oven or cutting into a fresh loaf of biscotti and we’re looking to share that magic with others.

Turning people who never thought biscotti was their thing into biscotti-addicts (it’s a real thing) is our new favorite hobby. It never gets old hearing the reactions of people trying our biscotti for the first time: "I didn't even know I liked biscotti! I've never had anything like this." Or "This is the first time I've had biscotti that had so much flavor and texture!"

We know the quality ingredients we obsess over and the time we’ve invested in developing unique flavors has been well worth it, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Photo of a plate full of Flour Child Butter Pecan Biscotti

Revolutionizing biscotti isn’t the only thing we’re passionate about at Flour Child. We also have a heart for the foster care community. Having gone through the foster and adoption process ourselves, we know how important and underserved this community is.

So, we’re giving back, not only financially, but also in time and resources, by volunteering and making it first priority to hire young adults graduating out of the foster care system.

We believe that by providing a job, life skills and emphasizing the importance of college, we can make a difference in young people’s lives. When you buy Flour Child’s biscotti, you stand with those beliefs…

 Helping others never tasted so good! 

Family photo of the Flour Child founders, Joshua and Crsytal, and their 2 kids